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About Free Beings Yoga

Kia Ora, namaste. Free Beings Yoga is a yoga start-up, inspired by Karlin's recent deep dive into the yoga world.


Karlin Frew
Having been a student for 20+ years, Karlin's recent yoga teaching training includes life as a volunteer karma yogi for 8 months plus undertaking the Restorative, Basic Breathing and Yoga Nidra 180 hour teacher training from Swami Karma Karuna at Anahata Yoga Retreat (Swami Karma Karuna has spent over 20+ years absorbing teachings, many directly with Swami Satyananda Saraswati, the founder of one of India's largest yoga schools, Bihar School of Yoga, and who developed the Satyananda Yoga framework).

Karlin gained a 200 hr teacher training with Avene Kelly in Golden Bay and has received teachings from numerous amazing yogi's on her own student journey over the past 20+ years.

Recently returning to wider society from 8 months living, and deep-diving into yoga traditions; karma and bhakit yoga, at Anahata Yoga Retreat, Karlin brings a unique sense of wisdom, lightness and calm to all of her classes.

Being a registered 200 RYT with the Yoga Alliance, Karlin has also got the practical qualifications of Workplace First Aid and is a REAPS - NZ Exercise Professionals registered teacher. 

Most recently landed in the Wellington region, Karlin has been teaching Hatha Flow yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Breath meditation practices. 


With the Patanjali Yoga Sutra's guiding Karlin's approach to yoga, and life, Karlin is able to guide you through your practice, enabling you to trust your own inner wisdom to integrate moving the body with the flow of breath, bringing a deeper sense of aliveness and alignment with your natural, calm self.

"Trained in Dynamic Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Basic Breathing Methods (paranyama) and Yoga Nidra (pratyahara) I am embarking on this dedicated yoga teaching journey and am inspired to bring some of my learned wisdom to others who may be in need of help and guidance or who simply want to gain a stronger yoga practice. 

Needing a healthy way to find mental and emotional balance after many significant life challenges and only just surviving a rollercoaster of various burnouts, my mental wellness was tenuous to put it lightly. 
I am a survivor and functioning highly anxious person with associated depression that results from this state. Yoga has enabled these aspects to start to be less prevalent and when coupled with peace and time in nature I am able to feel closer to my natural state of being.  I have somehow kept functioning in wider society, mainly because yoga was and is always my 'go to' bringing me to my sense of balance and that simple heartfelt knowing that everything is going to be ok.

I am very aware of our seemingly 'normal' systems and work cultures that are exacerbating the mental wellness and health crises we are experiencing right now. Add in the situation with covid 19 and I am acutely aware of the underlying high stress levels that most people are guarding or ignoring within their own bodies.
I hope that I can have some positive impact in these areas". 



Yoga wisdom and knowledge needs to be shared widely, now more so than ever. My recent research about the real need in our whanau and society for people to receive help and have easy access to practices that make real changes to their state of wellbeing is an inspiration to keep teaching. And to hopefully enable students to start to understand and practice self-kindness above all else. 

The current life 'hustle' is causing all sorts of mental, physical and emotional challenges for everyone, so the intention of Free Beings Yoga is to provide simple, accessible, but transformational yoga that anyone of any level can participate in. The statistics of growth in mental wellness issues and health issues are not something to be ignored. 


Yoga and the ancient yoga frameworks are designed to enable all students/yogis to feel restored, have their nervous systems re-aligned to homeostasis with the ability to self-heal again.

Current stress, work busyness, static working office environments and the inherent tensions confounded in office situations, coupled with life challenges are taking us away from the ability to self-restore. 

With regular practice of simple yoga movements and implementing good things; like time in and with nature, good nutrition, rest and reflection - people can start to self-heal. But it does take time and the more time spent on things that nurture your nervous system, the better and better you start to feel. 

Hari Om Tat Sat, Namaste.


 Karlin Frew Yoga Teacher at home