Yoga Classes

Yoga to help you feel good!


A hatha yoga flow which focuses on transforming stress into strength and building stamina, and flexibility in the physical body and focusing on our most powerful tool, the breath, suitable for all levels. We start with a flowing series to warm up the spine and muscle groups, followed by a series of balance and longer held postures. Then we start cooling down on the mat before a final savasana, resting pose.


Live zoom class. This flow focus is on Surya Namakar's (Sun Salutations) plus simple, but powerful yoga postures accessible for most levels of yoga experience. Come join and enjoy a transformational yoga class, leaving feeling restored and relaxed. 


     Yoga Nidra

    Live zoom class. 

    Zoom class preparation:

    • Please be setup 5 mins prior to class starting on Zoom. 
    • Please ensure you have:
      • a yoga mat or something comfortable to lie on
      • blanket & maybe props such as bolsters and small cushions
    • The guided breath meditation will be done ideally in a seated posture.
    • You will then move to lying on the mat for Yoga Nidra, lying in savasna.
    • Please setup your laptop or mobile so I can view most of the yoga mat area, so I can keep a visual on you throughout the practice. 

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